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We invite you to explore our Southwest Mountain Vineyards portfolio of reds, whites, and rosé.

Thoughtfully crafted by skilled and renowned winemaker Boela Gerber, each wine showcases the extraordinary terroir of Virginia’s Monticello AVA. For an after-work glass, or to celebrate special occasions, Southwest Mountain Vineyards wine will be a beautiful addition to any day.

Wine Club

For those who are looking for something deeper and more exclusive, Southwest Mountains Vineyards vision is to offer a Wine Club that centers itself on quality and education while creating memories and friendships. Come be a part of the next step in our journey and create experiences in the wine community. 

Farm & Family

At SMV, we take our cues from land, soils, the vines and especially Mother Nature, she has the upper hand. When reflecting on Thomas Jefferson and his influence on Virginia wines, we cannot help but recognize his deeply fascinating, historical, and geological teachings on how best to harness Mother Nature.

Southwest Mountains has a unique octave in the dynamic Old World style wines grown on our three estates. Virginia’s wine conversation is progressing from despite the climate to because of our unique climate we are able to…. at SMV we embrace the region’s challenges and hope you will savor this in every glass. We couldn’t do this work without our renowned team, our SMV family. Together we work to honor the beautiful land and history that make up the Southwest Mountains.

Tasting Room

 Start your Virginia wine adventure at the Southwest Mountain Vineyards!

Our tasting room, nestled in the rolling hills of the Virginia countryside, is a converted historic barn that dates back to 1903. Join us here to taste our award-winning wines while you take in the idyllic and serene landscape. Rain or shine, regardless of the season you visit, we are here to welcome you.

Experience the wine at our table and bring it home to yours.


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